Book page paper cone wreath for library themed baby shower

Create your own DIY Paper Cone Wreath

Create your own DIY Paper Cone Wreath

This DIY paper cone wreath is easy to make with affordable supplies and only about 2-3 hours of crafting. It’s the perfect storm of projects!

This wreath was for a children’s party, so we used some old picture books which were falling apart and missing pages. Don’t worry, no readable books were injured in the making of this project! If you don’t have old mangled books bursting from every corner of your home, secondhand stores often have a collection of books for sale. Libraries also hold sales of old, outdated or damaged books for cheap. (Plus, you can always pick up a new book to read while you’re there. Bingo!)

If you are against using book pages for a wreath under any circumstances, or you just can’t find a good bedraggled book to use, check out this great design for a flower made from construction paper.


  • Old, falling-apart book(s)
  • Cardboard square (we used 2′ x 2′)
  • Hot glue
  • Whatever you want in the center
  • Command Strips

The number of pages you need will depend on your page size. Ours were about the size of a standard piece of A4 paper (8.5″ x 11″), and we used 75 sheets for the whole project.

Step 1: Roll up your cones.

Either tear or cut your pages out of the book and trim so you have nice straight, neat lines. Roll each page to make a cone shape, and use a bit of hot glue under the corner to secure the shape in place. Protip: to hide the edges in the finished wreath, make sure they are behind the cone, like so:

how to make a cone out of paper
This was much easier when I was using two hands instead of one…

Making all these little guys is the longest part of the project. Get some little helpers (tape works fine to secure the cone if you don’t want hot glue and children to mix), blackmail someone to join you, watch a movie while you work, whatevs. I won’t judge. Once you have your mountain of cones, you can move on the the “wreath” part of “paper cone wreath.”

Step 2: Make your bullseye.

Grab your cardboard square and draw some concentric circles, like a target. They don’t have to be perfect protractor circles, because this is just a guideline for your paper cone placement.

Say that five times fast.

The space between my cricles was about one inch. Once you’re done making circles, glue the first row of cones all the way around the largest circle.

Paper cones hot glued onto a cardboard base for a paper cone wreath
Remember, the larger your circle, the more paper you’ll need and the larger your finished wreath will be.

Step 3: It’s starting to look like a paper cone wreath.

Keep gluing paper cones to cardboard, working in from the outer ring until all the cardboard is covered. It should start to look like a wreath now.

Paper cone wreath with one layer completed
It looks more like a tutu here…
Paper cone wreath with two layers completed
But after a second layer, it’s all coming together.

I forgot to take a photo after the third layer, but just trust me – you add a third layer (or more, until you can’t see the cardboard backing anymore). Now it’s time to add the finishing touches.

Step 4: Add your centerpiece.

You have plenty of options here, so use your imagination! Because we created this wreath for a build-a-library baby shower, we chose to use one of the spare shower invitations. We glued a small box (an old box which used to hold staples – about 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 3″) to the center of the wreath as a base for our invitation to keep it nice and flat. If you don’t have an odd box lying around waiting to be recycled, you can stack and glue several small squares of cardboard instead to stabilize the card.

Glue the card and the box over the center of the wreath, and behold your creation! Now it’s time to hang it on the wall.

Step 5: Hang your paper cone wreath.

I found these Command Strips, the kind you use for picture frames, were perfect for this job. Just follow the instructions on the package for a fuss-free installation. No need to nail holes in the wall!

This wreath was great decoration for the baby shower, and now it looks great on the nursery wall, so double score!

Book page paper cone wreath for library themed baby shower

Have you tried this project? Is there another project you’d like us to try? Let us know in the comments down below!