Book page paper cone wreath for library themed baby shower

This DIY paper cone wreath is easy to make with affordable supplies and only about 2-3 hours of crafting. It’s the perfect storm of projects! This wreath was for a children’s party, so we used some old picture books which were falling apart and missing pages. Don’t worry, no readable books were injured in the making of this project! If you don’t have old mangled books bursting from every corner of your home, secondhand stores often have a collection of books for sale. Libraries also hold sales of old, outdated or damaged books for cheap. (Plus, you can always pick up a new book toRead More →

I’m working on a much larger post, but for now… a wax paper lantern with dried flowers tutorial! These are so pretty! Have you ever ironed dried flowers between wax paper? It’s one of those kid projects everyone should try. It comes out so well, and it gets you used to holding an iron without freaking out. You know, in case your parents want you to do a mountain of ironing later. A few added recommendations – if you’re worried about wax on your iron, put a thin cloth between the iron and the wax paper. It will still work just as well. Also, I’dRead More →

I haven’t woven hemp bracelets since I was a kid, but this quick and easy tutorial is an awesome summer project which takes less than an hour! Her blog is full of great stuff you can make in an hour or less, too, so make sure to look around! If you’ve tried this before and have any helpful comments, suggestions or tips, or if you have a question, let us know about it in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you! – The Needle SnitchRead More →

Just look at those beauties. You wanna make ’em, you know you do. I’m selling a pair in my Etsy shop right now, but I wanted to give you the insider information on how to make them yourself. It’s very easy, and a good start for a beginner to wireworking. It’s a cute little flower with a bee and some swirly stamens. What’s better than foliage and insects dangling from your earlobes? I could have worded that better. Anyway, here’s your supply list:     Don’t get scared because of the safety glasses, we won’t be pulling out the chainsaw or anything. It’s just aRead More →

Ah, the ever popular letter and number fridge magnets. Now there’s a tutorial to help you make them in a cool new way, tested right here at the Needle’s Niche! One of my fabulous sisters has tested out this tutorial from Bubbly Nature Creations, and she wanted to share her results: 20 dollars, 153 magnets. Brilliant, right? She said she used Mod Podge for the whole project, and it worked great. Go check out the original tutorial, and let me know what you think in the comments below! – The Needle SnitchRead More →

Of course you’ve asked yourself before, “How do I coffee dye all these white feathers?” Naturally. Wait, you didn’t? Oh. We did, when we had several packets of perfectly white feathers which suddenly needed to be a pleasant cream color. We also had coffee. Go figure. This is more effective than I expected, and as you’ll see in a minute, very simple. Let’s dive in!   Start with white feathers and brewed coffee. We brewed ours at double strength for extra dye power, and poured the super-strong coffee into a wide baking dish to give us plenty of room. Make sure to let the coffee cool beforeRead More →